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7ème Réunion plénière du GDR Ultrafast Phenomena
11-13 Décembre 2023
CIUP Paris

La réunion commencera le lundi 11 décembre à 10:00 (accueil café à partir de 9:00) et se terminera mercredi 13 décembre à 17:00. Une session poster ainsi qu’un cocktail dinatoire sera organisé lundi à partir de 17:00. Un afterwork dédié au club des jeunes scientifiques en science ultrarapide aura lieu le mardi soir.

La septième réunion plénière du GDR Ultrafast Phenomena rassemblera la communauté française
des théoriciens et expérimentateurs intéressés par les phénomènes ultrarapides (attoseconde, femtoseconde, picoseconde) intervenant dans tous les états de la matière (milieux dilués, solide, nanométrique, liquide, plasma):

Orateurs/Oratrices confirmés:

Session XFEL (Co-organisateur GDR XFEL)

Sakura Pascarelli (Eu-XFEL, Hambourg)

Session Extreme Light Infrastructure

Katalin Varju (ELI-ALPS, Szeged)

Jakob Andreasson (ELI-BEAMLINES, Dolní Břežany)

Eric Mevel (CELIA, Bordeaux) 

XUV high order harmonic wavefront and mode control

Juliette Dubois (LOA, Palaiseau)              

Frequency resolved cross correlation between XUV high harmonics and IR fundamental laser pulses by transient multiphoton absorption spectroscopy in gases

Verónica Oliver Álvarez de Lara (ULTRAFAST innovation)     

From classic to state-of-the-art instruments to generate, characterize, and manipulate ultrafast light

Saikat Nandi (iLM, Lyon)

Generation of quantum entanglement between two massive particles using a seeded free-electron laser

Maurizio Monti (IMMM, Le Mans)

Surface melting of orbital order in an ultrafast phase transition

Weipeng   Yao (LULI, Palaiseau)              

Characterization of proton and X-ray generation at the Apollon short-focal-area in the 1-2 PW range

Aline Vernier (LOA, Palaiseau)                  

Laplace HC : un accélérateur laser-plasma conçu pour les applications

Adrien Kraych (IJCLab, Orsay)                 

Slowing down the light in vacuum with intense laser pulses

Francois Sylla (SOURCELAB)

KAIO-Beamline – a modular high-repetition rate laser-plasma electron accelerator for a broad range of applications

Emmanuel Benichou (iLM, Lyon)             

Probing the organization of liquids from the bulk to the interface by second harmonic generation

Manuel Llansola-Portoles (I2BC, Saclay)                  

Regulation of excited states in photosynthetic systems

Chloé Magne (ISMO, Orsay)   

Ultrafast spectroscopy to explore Multiple Exciton Generation

Siham Benhabib (LPS, Orsay)

Non-adiabatic Lifshitz transition in High Tc superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O

Yannis Laplace (LSI, Palaiseau)               

Ultrasmall and tunable TeraHertz surface plasmon cavities at the ultimate plasmonic

Clément Hainaut (PhLAM, Lille)               

Ultrafast measurement of turbulent phenomena in a quantum fluid-of-light

Niloufar Nilforoushan (LMPQ, Paris)       

Intense and ultrabroadband THz sources at a 200 kHz repetition rate for time-resolved nonlinear study of low-energy excitations

Alexandra Viel (IPR, Rennes)  

Ultra-fast or ultra-slow dynamics through conical intersections? The case of NO3

Constant Schouder (ISMO, Orsay)          

Solvation dynamics of an alkali ion in a helium nanodroplet

Lina Fransén (CEISAM, Nantes)              

Ultrafast photochemistry of ionized ethylene C2H4+ : a theoretical perspective

Joachim Galiana (ICGM, Montpellier)      

Quantum dynamics around PPE’S conical intersections for spectroscopic and real-time studies

Mauro Fanciulli (LPMS, Cergy)                 

Ultrafast Hidden Spin Polarization Dynamics of Bright and Dark Excitons in 2H-WSe2

Laurène Gatuingt (LMPQ, Paris)              

Out-of-equilibrium dynamics in the Bi2212 antiferromagnetic phase

Jelena Sjakste (LSI, Palaiseau)                 

Electron-phonon coupling and ultrafast dynamics of hot carriers in semiconductors: from interpretation of  photoemission experiments to transport simulations in devices.

Paolo Maioli (iLM, Lyon)

Ultrafast spectroscopy investigations of heat transfer at the nanoscale

Pierre Béjot (ICB, Dijon)           

PI-FROSt: “Plasma-Induced Frequency Resolved Optical Switching”

Slava Smartsev (LOA, Palaiseau)             

Simple few-shot method for spectrally resolving the wavefront of an ultrashort laser pulse

Igor Andriyash (LOA, Palaiseau)               

Circumventing limits of Laser-Plasma Acceleration with advanced optics

Emmanuel Fromager (LCQ, Unistra)       

Ensemble density functional theory of electrons and nuclei

Rafael Menezes Ferreira (LIDYL, Saclay)                

Probing two-photon resonant ionization with electron interferometry

Anthony Ferté (CEISAM, Nantes)             

Quantum interference effects in the post-ionization dynamics of fluoro-benzene unravelled through non-adiabatic simulations

Morgan Berkane (LCPMR, Paris)             

Theoretical study of electron-nuclei entanglement in molecular photoionization

Francesco Talotta (LPCT, Nancy)            

How to tackle the radiationless transitions via quantum chemistry methods

Raman Maksimenka (FASTLITE-Amplitude)            

Towards table-top and high-flux OPCPA drivers at 2.1 µm for Soft-X-Ray generation

Francesco Massimo (LPGP, Palaiseau)  

Recent progress in the modeling of laser wakefield acceleration

Stylianos Passalidis (LMCE, Bruyères-le-Chatel)    

Modelling electron deflectometry measurements of magnetic fields in ultrahigh-intensity, femtosecond laser-foil interactions

Luca Fedeli (LIDYL, Saclay)    

Probing strong-field QED with Doppler-boosted ultra-intense lasers